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I am updating a website for a friend as the original designer is not available. However there are a lot of text that have been made part of an image.

I have no idea which app or indeed font was used to create these, so I guess I may have to update all of them to make the updated/aditional look the same.

What would be the best way of achieving this?

see attached example.


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There must be a million fonts almost identical to the one you have shown (possibly Gill Sans), visit the following link and ask if anybody knows what it is, or if they know of any suitable that are similar....

Font Forum: - Graphic Design Forums and Website Design Forums (UK)

Once you have located the font just install it and update the individual files as needed, with reagrds to software most graphics software will allow you to do this task.

If you get stuck just ask.
You are better off creating a background image so you can add in proper browser text on top of them, this way you will get things ranked for the keywords rather than alt text, obviously somethings will be ok as an image. It's all a matter of relevancy.
Also better sticking to web standard fonts than ponce around with non standard fonts, a case of headline titles are much better being real text than an image as those you will want indexed on text rather than lower rankings on alt text.
Also bear in mind people using screen readers and accessibility issues.