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My company, Thinkography, has been trading for 10 months now, and I still don't have a formal Terms and Conditions document drawn up. I'm worried this leaves me open to potential problems. Is this something I could create myself or do I need specialist legal advice? Does anyone know of any online resources I could turn to? Thanks!


Hi Thinko

You may turn to solicitors but be prepared to pay big cash unfortunately.

However, are you looking for T&C of the website usage or T&C of Business?
they are quite different actually.
For Business T&C, I would not be able to advise you because it depends on how/what you want to state there.

For the site usage T&C, you would find lots of templates online that you can tailor/tweak to your needs and they are pretty effective.

To be honest, this is what I did when I started business years ago. Once business took off and I got enough cash to approach a solicitor, I provided him with what I had and surprisingly the amendments he made were VERY minor.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your replies, guys. Its T and Cs for the business that I'm concerned about, although now that you've mentioned it, Salvador, I'll look at the website T and Cs as well! And I'll take a look at your web page, thanks, Helen.


Personally to save some money I would just have a nose around and see what other designers have done, then just take the various parts that you feel apply to your business and put them together yourself, obviously changing formatting and text to make it your own.
Salvador, I agree with you in this regard. The strategy which you’ve followed is really great. Thanks for sharing your valuable experiences.
yea check mine too, although try to put the stuff in your own words as best possible.

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