Talented Graphic Designer - Bristol


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Does anyone know any young talented unemployed graphic designers in Bristol area looking for work - if so ask them to call me on 01934 852989 - Thanks!:icon_thumbup:
I do - but who are you? Tell us about yourself and what you're offering please.
I'm an occupational psychologist, based about 10 miles south of Bristol who runs his own business and occasionally uses visual art to communicate a message to my clients. I'd like to discuss alternative and more contemporary methods of representing my concepts and to test the cost effectiveness of various creative solutions. I'd rather work with a young talented unemployed designer than an agency as I can't afford agency costs and I'm not convinced they'll be any better than someone who's fresh, hungry and looking to get their teeth into something. Further more, the money I may well invest I'd rather give to someone who needs it more. Aside from this - I have, from time to time a requirement for creative work on my power point. Times are hard all round and I see this as a way that all parties win. My website is Leap Partnership - Home I trust this answers your question?
Hello George,

Thanks for the detailed additional information. I can think of several GDs in Bristol that would fit, one in particular. I will pass on your contact details / URL to her.

May also be worth contacing Jamaica Street / BV Studios / Spike.

Best wishes