Taking photos of print for Portfolio

Our studio is looking into getting a camera, and one of the uses is to take photos of our print work for use in our portfolio and website, we have a budget upto £300

Anyone got any recommendations? see below the kind of photos we want to be able to produce


Any DSLR. I like the Nikon ones. And a tripod is crucial, then you shouldn't need any lighting if you set up near a big window.

I'm also about to purchase a decent camera as would like to become involved in photography.

I'm currently investigating reviews and 'top ten' lists for cameras this way and I think that's the best way to purchase anything like that and be well informed before you choose.

I had forgotten about a tripod though so thanks, I definitely need one of those!

Have you thought about a bridge camera, some dslr features but with out the interchangeable lenses. Obviously you won't have the flexbility of the dslr but you will get some great quality pics. Also you'll get things like raw support and more manual controls for better adjustment.

Something like these:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 Review - Digital Camera Reviews - TrustedReviews

amazon - £245.10

or a high end compact, manuals controls, raw support etc. this one is slightly out of budget though.

Canon PowerShot G10 Review - Digital Camera Reviews - TrustedReviews

amazon - £369.99

I've got the fz28 (previous model to the fz-38) and it's brilliant.
I've just bought a Canon 1000D (which is the entry level SLR). It shoots in RAW and JPEG, has the usual 'point and shoot' auto modes and those manual modes for more specific shots.
It has a Live View feature that lets you tether it to your mac and shoot from there, which is great for setting up lighting etc without constantly having to get behind the camera - helpful if you're working in a small space.
It's a great camera to pick up from where I left photography back on Foundation!

The camera and an 18-55mm lens is £365 inc vat. I got mine from Pixmania.
I would say a Nikon D50 or D60 would be perfect both are above entry level the D60 being the newest version and having the most megapixels.
Will £300 buy a DSLR?

Maybe 2nd hand... and you wouldn't need a huge megapixel if it's mainly for web work.

I would also consider getting some lights.

We have some high power low energy lamps we got new off Ebay for less than £300 (including 2 light tents and various other bits).

These have been really useful. You get so much more control over the lighting. You can see some of the results on our website. Creative Graphic Design company, Lancashire, Manchester, Northwest, Portfolio | Northstar Design & Printing.com

These were all taken with a £250 compact

But as others have said, a hybrid, or even a really good compact is more than adequate for the sort of results you're looking at.