Taiwanese trademark brief....


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Hey basically just been set a brief for a Travel agency called "Ours Travel" Which is a taiwanese airline company based in London. Anyone have any ideas to start me off? Or any tips should i say,

Thanks Louise
You should be speaking to them, not us :icon_biggrin:

Get to the root of their business, what makes them unique, etc, then work on ideas from there. Once you have something visual to show we can offer advice but without a clear direction forward you'll end up with weak ideas (even from the community).
What Paul said. If we all give you a load of ideas, we're basically doing the project for you. (And I might expect a cut of the fee for giving you the idea!)

Only joking, but seriously, you need to come up with the ideas here. Assuming they're a real company, go and speak to them. Get as much information as you can about who they are, what they do, who their clients are, who their competitors are, what their USP is etc...

If you get all that info, it'll be very easy to get a few ideas down. If it's a fictitious company, make all that stuff up. Either way, it'll still be easy to get a few good ideas down.

Then come back to us for feedback.