Swing Tag



I need a quote for a “Swing Tag” - basically a small 4pp booklet to be attached to clothing.

The specs are: 4pp folded to a finished size of 60x80mm, 4 colour, one 3mm hole punched through the top centre (of each page) to allow for attaching to clothes, gloss stock (open to suggestions on weight) and delivery to Alton, Hampshire. Quantity would be 200 to start with, and then further runs of 100 (as the clothes are sold), although if a price for 1000 is not that different use that as a quantity and we’ll get them all done at once.

Hopefully this is enough information, if you need anything else please let me know.


Sorry, that was a bit vague looking at it now! It needs to be reasonably soft so as not to damage the clothing (which is woolen baby stuff), so a lightweight card?
Thanks for your quotes guys, can you bear with me a few days as we’re moving offices and it’s a bit hectic at the moment.
Just an observation but if these tags are left hand bound, with a hole in the centre top, will it not cause some issue with opening them fully to read the info inside? Perhaps top bound with a centre hole or left hand bound with a left hand top hole would be the best solution?
You make a bloody good point!

The centred hole is a throwback from an original design of just a double sided tag which I may have forgotten to move...