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Hi everyone, I'm a design student just about to go into my third year and am doing my dissertation on sustainable graphic design, I'm really enjoying the research and am hoping that one day the profession will become as sustainable as possible

However I would like to find out what other people think about sustainabilty and how much they know so I would be very greatful if you could fill out a very very short questionnaire for me. It should only take about 30 seconds.

If you can, could you copy and paste it into a reply and simple mark your answer with an 'x' - I've designed the questionnaire to be as simple and fast as possible but it would be of a huge help if you could take the time to answer or leave any comments you have about this issue. Thanks in advance!

MOD EDIT: Link > Sustainable Questionnaire

Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire.

Just completed the survey...funnily enough I graduated last year, with my dissertation being in sustainable design...really interesting subject! Enjoy.

Lol @ it being so obvious that students all back/heading back to uni back now judging by the recent threads :icon_rolleyes::icon_smile: