Surreal poster design

Sam Fletcher

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Hello my new designer friends :icon_notworthy:

I hope everyone is having a good day! Just stopping by to see what everyone thinks of my new design project...


I have a Behance project with all of the closeup's and a embedded video of how the project was made here if you would like to see

( may want to mute it with my music taste ;( )

(Please keep in mind I have only been into design/art for a little over a year and a half so my work may not be upto par. ;(

Thanks in advanced for any replies and hopefully some more "Appreciations" for my Behance profile! *Wink Wink* (begging)

I am also very interested in getting some prints of it for freinds / some fmaily members have asked.. I have never got anything printed and I'm useless in the area.
Hello. I wont critique it because you posted in the wrong section for that, tsk tsk :thumb: (I'm sure a beedy eyed Mod will move it for you). In terms of printing if you only want a few then digital is the way to go, set up your document with a 3mm bleed, make sure it is in CMYK, at least 300dpi and make sure your ink limits are within 250% and you should be fine :icon_smile: