Superstar Designer Needed! - London


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We're looking to hire a superstar all around creative person. You should have a large skill set and be looking to move into a more senior role. You'll help alleviate some responsibility from our Creative Director, so you should have a good few years under your belt and be eager to move up.

Complete creativity is the cornerstone of the role, but you also need a good set of skills to stand out. On top of which, you should have great technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, and some Jquery / Javascript would be nice. Motion Graphics: an intermediate understanding of After Effects, Cinema 4D or any other 3D package will also get you noticed. Also, a bit of video production experience would be a bonus.

We want a design rockstar, but without the ego please... a creative thinker, but able to get stuck in and work well under pressure. Someone who can float when everyone else is sinking...someone who might be able to come up with better analogies?

Yes, we're asking a lot, but we'll give you the opportunity to work on an extensive client list ranging from high end fashion and entertainment right through to highly conceptual and creative start-ups. You'll be bouncing around accounts: we don't stick people on one client for six months. Be prepared to learn fast and constantly expand your skill set.

If all that sounds like you, we'd love to see your portfolio. Please send a CV and link to your portfolio to: [email protected]