Suitable typeface


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Currently on with a brief for rebranding a logo for a comedy festival.

Problem i'm having is finding/downloading/choosing/using a typeface that would be a suitable font for my logo i've designed.

The logo i've done is primarily type, no symbols, imagery or add ons with an idea within the letters of the words i've been given to use.
I've originally used Gill Sans which i personally really like as a font but now going further into development and looking at more typefaces it seems a little too sharp/chiseled if thats the right term. Because i want it to put "comedy" across to the audience. What i think i would be looking for is something along the lines of Cooper STD Black which is another typeface i think is quite nice. a typeface that has a bit more of a softer, rounder feel to it and something that helps emote "Comedy" thats the best way i can describe what I'm trying to do.

Any suggestions would be great especially if there are free downloadable fonts that i can access easily or even ones that are default stored on Macs that you guys think would look suitable for what i'm after.

Here's a couple of rounded, softer typefaces that might be suitable, especially on posters with some bold (and funny) copy. These have a hand-drawn style to them though, so they may not be what you're after, especially if you're planning on doing something with the counters in the characters like it sounds like you are.

Free Font Cartwheel by Sansami Fonts | Font Squirrel

Free Font Helsinki by Vic Fieger | Font Squirrel

Free Font Comic Zine by Blue Vinyl Fonts | Font Squirrel

With this though, I think the branding should focus less on an actual logo and more on something bigger. Perhaps you could appropriate lettering from famous comedy films, TV shows, etc, and use them in different contexts somehow?