Style guide advice for Logos please


Hi I am just wondering if some one could give me a few pointers I am trying to make up some style guides to logos I have already created. I had a meeting with an art director and he made a suggestion of making some style guides to go with my logos (most of the time I have just created the logo and the client messes up the rest :icon_tongue_smilie:)
So I would really like some suggestions on what to include
I have made one up with one of the first logos I made.
What have I missed or done wrong ? :icon_confused:
Any advice would be most welcome



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Off the top of my head, I'd consider making reference to (but wouldn't necessarily include all of - depends on the situation) the following:

1. Minimum legible size
2. Advice to not alter relative dimensions (i.e. stretch/squeeze)
3. Rules for superimposing over images
4. Using appropriate image resolution
5. Including an additional, license free supporting font (for documents - prob. Arial in this case)

I'd also make sure I'm not breaking my own 'clear space' rule on p1 (?). Oh - and 'border' - not 'boarder'.
Right thanks! will do and yes don't break my own rules! ha will change and add bits then repost
Yes the over images is a great idea as it was for a photographers
Right I'm on it!
I saw this from Todd Motto in my twitter feed a while ago and thought it was a great idea. It's basically a guide/examples showing how a logo will be displayed on various social networking sites as a thumbnail or avatar. It could be worthwhile to include something like this to help keep a brand consistant across digital media and show that you're thinking a little further afield when it comes to a clients needs?

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Very useful, thanks Paul. I have to do the same for our brands soon so that is spot on. :icon_biggrin:
Thanks Paul that great maybe something to expand upon on my next logo.
So I made some changes and add some of the surgestions
I find with these things that they are good to do but they kind of evolve as you get on to stuff other than the logo. Rules are made to be broken after all!

That said, you’re still breaking your own clear space rules.