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Tony Hardy

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Hey everyone.

I've recently graduated from Leeds Met and I'm looking at setting up my own studio.
I had my own site on the go, then the server and host went bust, I lost my domain and everything that went with it.

So I'm looking to relaunch as a design studio, on my own at first but eventually bringing more people on board. Just a few simple questions really...

What would you do with things such as my Tony Hardy work on Flickr...would you dispose of it, or transfer it all over to the new studios portfolio? Would you only work on new things as the new studio or would you use my old work too?

I'm a little confused. Is Flickr even a good thing to have as a professional business?
I also need assistance in pricing as I have had a few enquiries that need dealing with.

Any advice would be great.

Try using something like Behance? It's invite only, but you apply for an invite directly, just by writing a short statement about why you should be on the site. Hell, if I can get on there I'm pretty sure most people can :)

As for Flickr, it can't hurt to have a little extra exposure. The more chances of people seeing your work the better.
Yeah I'm sure I'll get onto Behance with it too.
I'm thinking I'm going to get my site up and running with a Wordpress template. They're simple and effective.

Do you get much work through Behance?
I don't really bother with Behance at the minute since I don't really feel my portfolio's professional enough. Most work I get is through word of mouth from friends.
is your studio runnin?

How is your agency doing now buddy? Any luck after opening? I recently opened my design agency and I would like to find out how other people are doing in this business. Does it let you to work as selfemplyed?
I haven't started up yet mate. Still in the process of getting a few things sorted out :) I'll let you know though.