Studio setup - tip / advice please


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Hi All,
I'm a graphic designer just setting up a studio at home, the room's approx 2.5 x 3m with good lighting (large window with spotlights)

Firstly, would you recommend dual monitors or 1 large one? I am used to dual but need to upgrade what I have.
These will run off my laptop as I need to be mobile and can't afford a laptop and tower!

Secondly, what other advice / tips can you give me please?
So far I have shelves (full of inspiration and my prized boxed original Etch a Sketch!), a desk and comfy chair.....what do you have in your studios that you wouldn't be without?

Thanks in advance


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You work in whatever way works best for you....
It really is that simple imo.


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For me, aside from the obvious things, I have to have music around. I always have a bass close by, so if I have one of those days, I can just stop for ten minutes and play, to vent any frustrations or clear my head. Also, when I am not in thinking mode and just doing, I will usually have some music playing. It always gets the creative juices flowing, for me. That said, I know people who need to have complete silence to function. I only need that when I’m thinking about problems and wanting to come up with ideas.

As Levi says, it’s whatever suits. You just need to make it a place where you can get your creative juices flowing.

I also need books close at hand. Not just subject-specific reference books. Just having books around fires me up. Seeing books I’ve previously read that I found inspirational just helps open pathways up.

Finally, somewhat counter-intuitively; a bed! If I need to come up with an idea. I will think about and around it and then just go sleep for ten minutes. Those moments when you are waking up is when I find all the thinking pulls itself together in my subconscious and the lateral ideas I need begin to pop up.

There are no rules. I used to work in a studio that was in an old church. It had a mezzanine floor with a table tennis table, so you could just go play, for exactly the same reasons as I sleep and play bass. it is intended to put your head into a space where you allow your subconscious mind to play.

Find whatever it is that does that for you.

A desk and chair might help too!


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Thanks @sprout, love it - will definitely invest in some good speakers (and headphones....sadly the neighbours are a bit close!)
A bed would be dangerous for me, think I'd actually turn nocturnal. Frustratingly my creative juices get going as I'm trying to go to sleep and I have to keep a sketchpad by the bed :ROFLMAO: