Studio Experience

I'm 16 from Nottingham , East Midlands
I'm looking for studio experience for an un-defined period of time in specific looking for companies that deal with branding and company identity or perhaps illustration.

Please reply or email me

I can also send you some sample peices I've done myself


E : [email protected]

P : 07543 646708
Hi Dan,

From everything I see from you around here you seem really keen and have a lot of enthusiasm for this - I'm not a company and I'm not an awful lot older than yourself but if you want to drop me an email with links to some of your portfolio and so on I'll be happy to pass on bits of work I get through if I have a bit too much on or other commitments at the time.

Drop me an email (can be found at my site) and I'll be happy to chat with you about it.

Excellent , Made my 9pm a surge of productivity within my gmail knowing you could just be the link to my backup talents as a designer i've been waiting for.

Many Regards