Student seeking people's opinions on 'England vs. London' for my FMP


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Hello! My name is Rosemary Nicholas, and I’m in my final year of university, studying Graphic Communication, and currently working on my Final Major Project.

The core theme of my final major project is the economic division between London and the rest of the United Kingdom, and what the public’s opinion is on the subject.

My key idea is to encourage creative people (such as yourselves) to visit other places around the United Kingdom, rather than just seeing London as the ‘place to be’, as I feel visiting elsewhere in the UK could potentially be beneficial to our work. It could also show that the UK has more to offer to creative people than just what is 'happening' London.

However, I would like to gather some actual perspectives to see how you feel about my subject; visiting/ working outside London, and how you feel about London as a place to work/ be inspired, (Do you see it as the place to be?)
Would there be any other places you would recommend other creatives visit; places you find/found inspiring?

Hope you can help me out!
Many thanks for your time

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Hi Rosemary, your topic regarding the economic division between London and the rest of the United Kingdom is very broad and will receive mixed opinions from different angles.

Living outside of London, it is nice to explore London's creativity for inspiration, considering as there is a population of 'creative culture' such as in Shoreditch. However how do educate creative people that there is 'better' and 'valuable' inspiration outside of London?

I think the question is what inspiration has London got that no other city/town has got?
And how does that feed inspiration to the creative individual, what are they actually looking for?

Also, what is London? (to the creative individual)

Again, I feel your topic is very broad but this depends how deep you wish to take it.


Apart from the subject matter, what are you producing for your Final Major Project?

Are you from London?
i agree. perhaps narrowing in will save yourself the hassle as really i have been there with picking themes in my art and design studies back a couple of years ago.

think about London as a whole perhaps and in your head work out the comparisons to get the ball rolling and then try to narrow in on something that sparks your interest and work from there. hope it goes well for you and all the best!