Stuck on building my cargo site

Kayley Hill

I can't program and its something I need to learn I know. At the moment I am having issues getting my cargo site running, for some reason the title banner keeps overlapping the over images on the main page, and overlapping text on the project pages.

The second issue, which I think maybe to do with the style I picked, but the project pages have these two grey bars down the side which show the main page which looks odd.....

How can I fix this?
With the header image, check there isn't a maximum height dimension specified somewhere. It looks like it may be overlapping because it's too tall.

The grey is caused because body.open_project is specified as grey in the CSS. Change the color value from #aaaaaa to #FFFFFF to make it white. It looks to me as though there should be a dark lightbox-like overlay to block the main page out when you open a project, which isn't there. I'm not sure if this because the theme is missing it, or you've changed a value somewhere that's affected it.