Strange Print Quote Request - Anyone Else Had It?


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Hi Guys,

Long time reader, first time poster on the forums!

We've had a strange quote request coming in... from a guy in the US apparently.

Quote was for...

1. Envelope size: 4 3/4" x 6 1/2"

2. 24# White Wove Envelope
3. Self Seal
4. Attached is the TEXT to be printed on the envelopes
5. Provide quote on 40,000 and 60,000 copies of envelopes

Got back to him with a price... and he has returned stating that since he is based in the US, we'll need to ship it over - however the address he has supplied is in Switzerland?? He is wanting us to ship with an equally dodgy sounding shipping company ([FONT=arial, sans-serif]midlandshippingcompany.[/FONT][FONT=arial, sans-serif]com[/FONT]).

Any one ever encounter something like this??
If he pays up front and the money clears then you have nothing to worry about, any kind of credit request would make me run a mile.
We regularly get requests like this and most are dodgy.
Think about it. Why would an overseas company ask a British company for printing when they can no doubt get it cheaper in any other country? We're not known to be the cheapest around.

But like Boss says, if they pay up front and it clears, then there are not worries.
We used to get these regularly...definitely dodgy. One of our sales guys pursued it for a while just to see what happened - nothing! It has to be some kind of scam but we couldn't work out what it was!
Thanks Guys,

I've replied saying we would only use our selected courier/shipping company, not heard anything back - don't expect to.

A strange scam I think. Can't quite work out what they would gain (unless a company out there would happy print & ship 60,000 envelopes with-out full cleared payment).

You never know....

Thanks again,
It is a very old one. The artwork attached is usually a vague religious one liner e.g. 'Save Gods Children' or similar. Works on the basis that they send you funds that clear. You send them payment for courier. Several days later you're advised the card for which payments were sent to you was stolen and the transaction reversed. Never happened to us - but I know two where it has.

The clue is - they'll be insistant on you sending them money for the courier (and the vague artwork).
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