Strange l's in PDF?


Does anyone know why, when you create a PDF version of an Illustrator file (with text created to outlines) and then open the PDF the letter l's and i's sometimes appear as if in bold?!

Once printed it is fine but if I need to use the PDF for web format it is not so good.

Would it be the font? I tried a couple including Arial and they all seemed to do it!

THis is a glitch that i've never seen a fix for.

When sending a PDF to the client for approval send it with fonts embedded and not outlined. This way they won't see the issue with the letter L. Just make sure to outline the fonts for the final print file.
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Hi Pixels Ink

Thanks for the reply.

What a pain!

This particular project is a flyer that is for PDF screen use and in office print.

I tried some other fonts (instead of arial) and used Adobe Garamond Pro and it is fine now - though the font is not really what I would have chosen!
It must be an Adobe thing!

It only does it with Sans Serif fonts - things like Arial, Futura, Century Gothic etc.

And yeah, it is a bit of a pain and I wish they would find a solution.
I have found this is solved on some fonts by reducing or increasing the postscript/pdf version when producing the pdf.
It doesnt always work, but i find most of mine need to be reduced to acrobat 4/5.

That may explain why I don't remember it happening years ago, but only in more recent years (since the introduction of the CS versions)

Ah! I'm glad others have encountered this. Nothing worse than sending outlined PDF to client for them to pick this up and not really have a reason for it!
Thank you.