Strange Customer


This is more of a me trying to myself what just happened but any comments I would gladly take on board.

The other day I had a very perculiar customer come to me. I had an offer running on another site for logo design.

They gave me a brief idea of what they wanted, but about half an hour later, they started sending me something they had made, and what they had made was of a very good standard. So first thoughts were "Why are they asking me to create a logo when their current one is quite good."

When I made them my first draft they started saying how this wasn't accurate to their industry. Fair enough. So I asked what he wanted, again, they started sending pictures (which I suspect were from google) which were incredibly good, that I think will have been done on a specialist 3D program. Asking me to make something like that, because this is what he had made. Again "Why is he sending me these pictures he has created as they are very good".

I had to explain copyright etc. and how he couldn't use images from Google, and despite his best efforts to convince me, I couldn't believe he had made them as he didn't have the original files.

So I gave him another idea and made a totally different concept - this time including 'something from the industry'. But it isn't right for him, so he starts sending me more pictures - which as we know, I can't use lol.

Then he starts telling me how text accompanied by a symbol does not constitute a logo, and that it should have an image to be a logo. I explain, we have very different ideas of what a logo is, but that both of our opinions would be accepted as 'a logo'.

I decided to end the process there, and it was very mutual, I believe he was foreign, but there was much more than a language barrier involved.

Anybody had a similar experience? Was I in the wrong here? Or is it just something that happens time-to-time?

Thanks - Sorry I rambled.:icon_smile:
I just think that you need to have a standard set of questions that you send your client when an order is accepted, basically getting them to detail exactly what they require, sending images/logos that they like is also a good idea. By doing this and if you are good at what you do then you shouldn't be a million miles away from their brief.

I am not sure what went wrong here but all I know is it is you out of pocket as you have designed for nothing, not sure what other designers think but I would ask for a 50% deposit up front in future, at least that way you know the client is serious. How do you know they haven't taken your ideas/designs to be put together elsewhere at half the price.
Sorry, I missed that bit out, I did take a 25% deposit and when I send images they are watermarked.

This is my first experience of anything like this, but both parties agreed, and at the end of the day, I'm happy. But the pictures that were being sent, I wouldn't of known where to start, as they weren't really fit for logos anyway, secondly, I highly doubt I could create it on the software I have.
I get that quite abit, people ask for one thing, expect another. Think its just because of the amount of Technophobes that try and pretend they know what they are talking about, then are completely wrong and as they dont get what they wanted, they try to make out its your fault... nothing you can do, just be clearer in initial quotes / briefs etc..

You are always going to get the odd customer here and there that would probably never be satisfied!

Have a clear written quote/order confirmation for client stating what they will get ie amount of amendments, type of illustration etc

Did you meet the guy? I very rarely work for someone without at least one face-to-face. Seems to help when it comes doen to working out what it is they actually want. Lots of clients have heard 'design' terms and don't really know what they mean but like to quote them to make them sound more intelligent. And then you produce what they asked for and it wasn't what they meant at all. And then you get the blame. Ah, clients... doncha just love 'em.
There are some tools in the world unfortunately, you cross paths with them from time to time in business. You did the right think by bailing out and going separate ways. Some people don't and then get in a right mess.
I think its the age old issue we all face. The customer knows what they want but they cant or wont explain their idea' they'll just keep rejecting ideas until we hit lucky with one.