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Hello one and all - first post on here so hello. read the posts on stock photography with interest and have a question for all you guys using one of these services.

As people who use fotolia, i would very much appreciate your interpretation on their agreements. I called them myself and was just reffered to their web agreement pages so it didn't help me v much, as i thought the question must be asked 100's of times by people like us.

As designers we may want to use an image as part of a campaign for a client, so as part of a leaflet, on a web image, on their website and on a banner for listing sites for example - do you purchase a 'standard license' for such uses. The site seems to insinuate that when you buy an image you do so on behalf of the client, and can then use it for that specific client according to the 'standard license' so for many marketing purposes - though i would like to know how you interpret use of the standard license..