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Hey guys,
I had a quick look to see if this question already existed and I couldn't find it, so I thought I'd ask. Have any of you used the subscription services on iStock or any other stock photo websites, and if so, what do you generally have to do once the yearly (for instance) subscription expires? On Thinkstock, it says if you haven't used the images in a project, you must delete them. I'm guessing this is the same for iStock (as Thinkstock has access to iStock's library)?

What are your experiences? The company I work for is thinking about getting a subscription but it's not entirely clear on all sites whether you can continue to use any images you've downloaded (but haven't necessarily used yet) once your sub has run out.

Any advice would be awesomes!


Hi Tom,

We use shutterstock and istock and once you have purchased the images you can use them when ever. I would save them though to your system just in case what you write above is true.

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Read the fine print when you set up a subscription, I've heard of agencies buying images for a particular client and then using them in other projects for different clients. They ended up getting a £5,000 fine, it was something to do with them only being licensed for one project.
If I have a client who needs a stock image, I encourage them to set up their own subscription at Shutterstock (which, at under £30 for five images doesn't raise any eyebrows) and buy images themselves for me to use on their behalf (and their behalf only). The small print on these sides is difficult to get to grips with but my best assessment is that this is a cautious enough way to go about things.