Sticker printing with borders


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Hi peeps,

I've spent a while deciding on a sticker supplier for some product labels I've designed for my wife.

We've got various samples and settled on something which works really well, both in terms of quality and price.

I sent the designs over and agreed pricing and was just about to proceed when they dropped a bombshell.

Apparently, designs with borders (ours have a thin lined border just inside the safe area) can be quite tricky. As the printing process is separate to the cutting process, they've said there is the possibility of the cut being slightly off. Borders naturally accentuate this.

When I asked what their to lerance was, they said the cut could vary by 1-2mm. Given our stickers are 60x60mm and 70x130mm, this feels quite a lot!!

Is this to be expected, or do I need to push back and say I'll only accept a smaller variance?

Basically, if I'm paying £120 for 300 stickers of each design (600 in total), I don't want to end up with wonky designs that devalue the product they're being stuck on, or being out of pocket!

What is reasonable to expect in this scenario?


1-2mm sounds reasonable to me, though I'm no expert. You will always have problems with a border, no matter how small the product is. I don't suppose losing the border is an option?