Sticker printing quote please


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Evening guys (and gals), I've been asked to quote on the re-print of some stickers for a club that I'm a member of so naturally I thought I'd start here.

these are the stickers in question:

sticker A:

sticker B:

Sticker A is single colour (gold) printed onto white vinyl with a custom cut-out.
Sticker B is 2 colour (black & gold) printed onto clear vinyl with a custom cut-out.

Bikes get dirty and are scrubbed & cleaned with various chemicals so the stickers need to be hard wearing!!

Can I have quotes for 100 of each if possible please.


P.S. I'm still wanting to make a profit on these even though I'm a club member!! lol
Sorry, I've not mentioned size!!.... They've not specified a size but knowing how big a brake calliper is ona MTB I'd hazard a guess as 100mm long and 40mm wide (at the widest point of that splat thingy) but will confirm dimensions before proceeding with an order.

I've also just had a message asking about car stickers of the same design. if anyone can quote for those in similar quantities.
Cheers mate, They're closed for a holiday (the lucky buggers) but I'll give em a shout when they're back.
i can get u a price list from a friend 2morrow for them, he aint 2 expensive but ill let you no 2moz :D
Just had a look on your site and it doesn't mention custom shapes, can you cut them?

Hi dave

If you cold let me know the quantity that you are looking to order that way I can cost this up for you! In terms of custom cutting I don't see why we can't. - pm me the extra details such as quantity delivery details etc and I shal get a written quote send to your email on Monday