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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some advice, in regards to making our own stickers / decals...

We're a small automotive performance parts company, who are looking at getting some stickers made of our logo. We'd be looking at getting a range of sizes, colours and styles (interior / exterior glass stickers), so looking into the possibility of purchasing a vinyl cutter (or printer?) to make them ourselves.

However, we know nothing about cutting vinyl or making stickers...

Our logo is relatively simple, consisting of one colour, and would like each part of the logo to be individual pieces of vinyl, rather than being cut onto a piece of transparent vinyl. To explain a little better, here's an example of some stickers, showing the vinyl pieces.




I might have the completely wrong idea of how these are created, so any insight would be great.

We would like the cutter / printer to be able to produce stickers up to about 600mm diameter (round logo), and about 2000mm length (web address), but generally they will be 50mm / 80mm diameter.

To give me a general idea of cost, what would the production cost of a 50mm sticker be, if we were to purchase our own cutter / printer?

We're looking at buying a cutter / printer that will do the job, with little maintenance. We don't want to buy a budget machine, but also don't want to buy an all singing all dancing, when we're only producing simple stickers. With this in mind, and bearing in mind we have no idea of the cost of such machines, our budget is approx £700.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



It doesn't sound like you'll be using it in a heavy way and the market is full of budget cutters. Nothing in your message suggests you need a printer.
There are budget ones on vinyl cutter | eBay or you might contact Vinyl Cutters | Sign Making Plotters or someone like them if you want instruction and assistance. They can also help you with materials.

As well as the machine you'll need software to run it, a cheap laminator to lay application tape (you can do this by hand but trust me it's much easier not to!), a big table to work at, a pack of scalpels and the patience of a saint to weed the bloody stuff. I hate cut vinyl!

Good luck!

Hi Oli,

Cut vinyl can be a pain to work with if you're doing for a DIY approach. Although it may turn out to be cheaper in the long run, Craig raised some good points, particularly about the space required (you'll need more than you think!). It's likely just easier and more convenient to pay to have the stickers produced perfectly first time round. I've had stickers done from vinyl before and it was dirt cheap.

You could always post a request in our Tenders & Services Required section asking for some quotes, so you can weigh up the costs.