Spyder 3 Pro Test Drive - Graphic Design Forums Exclusive

Spyders Rock Peter, plus it gathers cobwebs quite nicely when not in use ;)

"let’s hope our clients have also calibrated their screen."
Hmm, don't think that will happen heheh, we live in hope ;)

What are the benefits of upgrading to 3 though from version 2? (Yea I know, I could look it up, was just an idea that you could have added as an extra on the review ;) )

Again with all these products it's an extra cost that doesn't always make sense to buy for a lot of people. It's nice to have one and they almost pay for themselves despite the amount of times they are used, however, it's still a cost (or investment depending on which way you look at it ;) ) which has to be put on something.
I've used a Spyder in the past and they are very good. Recently, however, I bought a Pantone Huey. Although probably not as accurate, they are very easy to set up and change your monitor profile whenever the ambient light changes. I love it!