Sprite Re-brand



Brand New: Sprite Gets More Sprite

What does everyone think. Personally I think companies have started to hire partially sighted designers.
Pepsi have rebranded too:

before and after


the new one is meant to represent a smirk / smile


It will apparently cost Pepsi $1.5 Billion to re-brand the Pepsi / Mountain Dew / Gatorade lines.

I don't mind the new sprite revamp. The new Pepsi one is growing on me.
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Can't say I like the Sprite one, but I guess that's partly due to it being poorly presented on that horrid green background.

Nope, had another look, still not a fan really.
My opinion:

Sprite: Looks pants! It's "OK" but what is with the weird random out of shape "star" type thing in the background? Looks like a rough sketch gone digital. I do not like it at all, the old design isn't great but atless it is clear.

Pepsi: Call that a re-brand? lol. I like it, well the idea behind it, but I don't like the look of the new can, that "modern" text somehow just doesn't do Pepsi justice.

Steven James
Sprite's rebrand is terrible, looks little its been squashed. Why is the lemon behind the label part, shocking.

What is going on with recent high level rebrands! Most of them have been questionable!
Pepsi: Call that a re-brand? lol. I like it, well the idea behind it, but I don't like the look of the new can, that "modern" text somehow just doesn't do Pepsi justice.
Agreed Steven. It looks like an amateur designers choice of text, really doesn't work for me, it makes the product look like a cheap alternative.
I quite like the Pepsi rebrand, its just simple and attractive. Sort of following what coke did with their can by just taking away all the flashy bubbles etc and just using the logo. But the Sprite one is shocking! Looks like a holly leaf? I'd believe that was an initial (poor) design concept but not the finished article!
Well if that is the new sprite re-brand then it is totally and utterley awful.

The pepsi one is not as bad but not convinced totally by the choice of font and if the logo is supposed to represent a smile then I think it should be rotated to the left more.
I think the sprite design is really poor and probably wouldn't make it onto my sheet of first draught choices that i show the client. As for the pepsi one.....let's face it, it's not as good as the logo they had 30 years ago. Something tells me these multi million dollar companies have got too much money to spend. They'd be better off taking a few of the E numbers out of their products!
The Pepsi one changes depending on the product

I believe the 'smile' on the new Pepsi can changes over different products. The diet smile is thinner, Max is fatter, etc..

Did you see the guff that was leaked regarding the development of the Pepsi symbol? Very funny. I mean I like to explore the ethos/idea of a brand but some of it was so OTT that it made me laugh. Something about the development of the logo and the secrets of the universe (or something, I forget). :icon_eek:
At a glance the new logo for Sprite doesn't look great, but after actually buying a bottle of sprite, it does actually look ok, and in my opinion is better than the sprevious one. I do accept it could be better, but I don't think it deserves the bad reception it has been given.

As for the Pepsi logo, it is a great marketing idea to make it look similar to the obama logo too.
Hate it, love it...

I love the new pepsi branding but hate the sprite one, it now looks european, like when you go down the specialty isle in the supermarket with all the polish food stuffs...