something has gone a little bit wrong...

Hello everybody

I'm a little bit perplexed why this has done this

MAMA Youth Project | Our Team

The trustees should be on the right. My only guess is that the "sidecontainer" div is nested inside another div and hasn't been set up so that the sidecontainer is in separate div.
I can't really tell what div is what.

Hope someone can help

Thanks massively
It's got to be either something missing - closing </ul> is as good a guess as any but could equally be missing a </div> somewhere - or something added by accident could be to blame. I know I bang on about it a bit but this is exactly the reason why you should comment all closing divs before they disappear off down the page and you don't know what is what. All you can do now is balance them all out with indents and try to see what is missing or extra.
I don't think this is a CSS problem (unless they specifically told you they messed with the CSS) it looks HTML like a missing tag somewhere. Sorry dude, but you'l just have to pick through it until you find it. As I said yesterday, try balancing out the HTML tags and see what you find #needle #haystack.