Someone please guide me in the right path.


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Hi there,

I have been doing a graphic/web design apprenticeship for a year now, and I have mainly been doing web design and illustration work. I want to learn a lot more in terms of graphic design/photo manipulation that kind of thing. Throughout the year, I have mainly been using Illustrator for everything, and although I see that as a positive thing as I am quite comfortable with it, I want to get to grips with the graphic design side and especially photoshop

Can anyone suggest good tutorials to find/download/buy? I don't find sites like psdtuts that helpful, I kind of need like a Photoshop 101 course if such a thing exists?

Also, I'd like feedback on my website and portfolio - - be honest, I can take it and i'm new to the world of design so feedback from pros would be great.

Thanks again, this is my first post so look forward to getting stuck in!


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