Some recent commissions

Nice stuff! Always been a fan of your work. Couple of questions regarding your commissions:

1/ Would you be willing to send the original file of the completed black & white artwork (PSD/AI etc.) If not, a high res PNG/Jpeg/PDF, opposed to, or in addition to it's delivery?

2/ Do you / will you sell on custom made commissioned artwork to your other customers/clients?

3/ Does the copyrights also come with the purchase of a custom, unique piece of artwork?
Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Happy to send a cleaned up, hi res scan of the commission - provided it's only for private use. Would you be wanting it for any particular purpose?

I retain the right to use any artwork commissioned privately for my own use - in my portfolio, in books etc. Private commissions wouldn't be offered as prints though.

Copyright for all artwork always remains with me. I'm pretty much targeting my commissions at fans of my work, or fans of sic-fi/fantasy stuff. So there shouldn't be a need for copyright/usage discussions.

If you want artwork for another purpose, or for commercial reasons, then drop me an email and we can discuss it.


I only ask because if I needed some artwork from you, I would probably need to colour it in, but if I do not have permission to alter your work in anyway due to copyright restrictions, then obviously that's that. But if anything does come up I will e-mail you for sure.
Hi, thanks for checking. All my commissions are very much of the 'a lovely picture to hang on my wall' type of commission. I do work as a commercial illustrator, so happy to discuss commercial projects.