Some advice for a stranger graphic designer!?


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Hi there,

I have recently started my career as Graphic designer here in London and I need some advices for "where to print/where to buy"!

Can anyone suggest me:
- a really good place for printing business cards (with my own design)? (good printing quality but not extremely expensive - more or less £40 for 100 pieces)
- where I can buy black coils binding (without the binding service), amazon and eBay excluded? Possibly in a small amount, but I know that it's quite impossible...
- I need a laser cut on acrylic and I have found this laboratory RazorLAB. Does anyone know if it's a good one? (It seems so) Or can you suggest me other place? I know already 4D model, but it's a little bit more expensive because you need to buy a whole 70x100 acrylic sheet (I need the half of that)

I have already done my google search, so please I need advices depending on your experiences...

Thanks guys!
I can't answer all of them - but I can say - don't listen to anybody in regards to printing your business cards.

Your best bet is to source some printers that are local to you, get prices from them, and explain your situation. You can then visit these printers and get samples, see the workshops, meet the people involved in making your card, and everything else that goes with it.

Yes you can get good online printing - but one persons excellent quality and service could be another persons poor quality and service.

I recommend you identify at least 10 printers in your area and get quotes from all of them. Meet with the best priced top 5 and get samples from them.

Go with the one you feel most comfortable with working with at the price and quality after meeting their teams.

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