Solid State Drives


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I think I need to upgrade my laptop hard drive. I'm looking at the Samsung 250GB 840 EVO Series SATA.

Anybody got any experience in SSD for graphic design? Does it make a huge difference? Was it worth the upgrade?

Mostly using InDesign along with Photoshop and Illustrator, files are not that massive, so there won't be a massive change in read/write speeds, I imagine?

But overall, does it give your computer a bump in speed and processing etc.
You'll definitely see an increase in speed performance if you get a decent one. I've got one in my laptop now and it is a world of difference.
Cheers for that.

I like Samsung and that one gets a good review so I'll probably go with that, unless there are other suggestions?
All i have heard is great things about SSD to. I only bought my new pc this year and didn't think about it till it was to late. I will definitely be installing one soon after the feedback i have received
I've got a 500gb samsung ssd in this laptop and all the adobe stuff opens instantly (ok 2 secs max). I just wouldn't use anything but an SSD now - but don't skimp - get a 500gb at least. Get a connector so you can just clone your old hard drive, bung the SSD in and everything will be there as before but way faster. I used overclockers.
The only issue with sticking an ssd in a NEW laptop though is you void the warranty. Uh and yeah, I did it anyway.
Interesting, I didn't think the hard drive would make THAT much difference in terms of speed and performance, I always thought your processor and boost of RAM would be the most important for a speedy machine. Hence when customising my new iMac this year I went OTT with the processor and RAM and stuck with a standard 1TB HD, plus i've also got a 1TB external HD.
I save all my stuff to the cloud nowadays, google drive and dropbox. Whatever I need to work on I just download it, or sync the drives etc. It's very handy.

I've always wanted to get an SSD, as I've heard a lot of good things about them and the boost in speed. Some people have reported a boot time significantly greater. And they have reported a greater increase in load times of applications and files.

I suppose if you're reading and writing to disk at all then 500mb/s is pretty awesome!

I have on file that's about 7gb! It takes an age to load.