Social Network Website Idea, Help Required Please


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Firstly I would like to apologise if this post isn't suitable for this forum. I am currently a 25 year old male working as a Quantity Surveyor in the Construction industry. I shall be brutally honest, I know very little about web design, development, coding etc etc but I have an itch to start something of which I would be passionate about. ( Making one man very rich in my current job is not something I'm passionate about ). I am keen to teach myself online but I am struggling of where to start and I am going round in circles.

I have an idea for a social networking website but I am struggling for direction of how to implement this idea. How does an average joe begin a website/online idea with no experience whatsoever, I can't be the only person to be in this situation?

Anyway, I am looking for somebody who has experience/knowledge of website development and I will also be requiring an App to be produced.

I am looking for somebody whom I can trust as I really believe this can be an extremely popular app which will in time generate revenue and continue to grow at a fast pace. As said previously I have no experience in this field so il need to taught the basics of hosting servers, online advertising etc but I am not stupid.

Even if you feel you don't want to be part of this, I would be very grateful for tips or advice on how to get my idea created. It really wouldn't go unnoticed.

I no this is a longshot but I'm hoping to find someone who has a passion for this type of stuff, up for having a laugh along the way, and just seeing what happens. Obviously you will be rewarded i am not here hunting for freebies.

If this sounds of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or advice etc :)

Email: [email protected]
You maybe want to look at a different website than this one. This is a graphic design forum rather than a web design forum. How about places like People Per Hour, there are all kinds of services for hire on there. Maybe you can find a web developer who wants to share your dream of creating the next big social media website.

Bear in mind though, you're not the only one who's had a social media site idea, they're as common as rain drops. There's a big difference between having an idea, actually making it work and then achieving any kind of success with it. When you think about how many social media type sites have been in existence over the past decade at least, and how many of those sites are Facebook and Twitter, you can see that the chances of hitting the big time are slim.

It's not impossible though, after all there are sites like Instagram and Pinterest and so on that are quite popular and they were at one point just an idea that someone came up with. If you've got a great idea, passion, commitment and the ability to realise that idea, then anything is possible. :)