Social media marketing - does it work?


Hi all,
I work for pmtdigital and we are embarking into the digital world of social media, I write articles, seo and blog but do twitter/facebook and linkedin social media sites really call in the big leads/sales?

Do any of you have experience with social media and have you had many sales direct from these medias.
Look forward to your response.
Regards Rob Steele
Hi Rob,

I use Twitter a fair amount for marketing and engaging with potential clients. Over the last year or so I've picked up maybe 3 or 4 clients through Twitter. The more your followers grow though, the more people you're reaching. I've had a lot more enquiries and things since my follow count passed 400+

Never really tried marketing with Facebook. Not sure how much it'll work or if it's the right sort of environment to be pushing what I sell. Something for the New Year perhaps.

Hope you're doing well, get in touch soon with you results?

Twitter is all about building relationships and as a medium to maintain existing relationships. We have secured quite a number of clients - however if you are planning on heading for Twitter to sell, you'll likely be disappointed; that's not how Twitter works.

LinkedIn - specialist groups have been very interesting. FaceBook less relevant for us (we're B2B).

I totally agree with you on the Twitter explanation, and I also find that LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B - which is generally what I work in, though not in a GD context. However, I'm interested in your view on FB - a lot of companies use FB, do you not think it effective for making contact / selling wares? We don't currently use it, but I'm keen to give it a go, so really interested to hear your take.



Have used FaceBook previously for business, but the ROI vs. other media has been poor. My view - good for B2C, not for B2B. But... depends on the businesses you have as clients / prospects.

Hope this helps.

I've always wondered where Graphic Design fits into the B2B/B2C thing. It's really a mix isn't it? Selling to both businesses and customers.
It works but it's harder to do well than many advice articles/blogs online would have you believe, you need to commit time to it, focus on a network that works with your kind of business, have a clear strategy to engage a targeted audience and appreciate that it is a slow build approach, the beauty is that it tends to accelerate over time and you never lose the work you put into it; once you get X number of followers you'll more or less keep that number of followers forever. Weigh it against other things though, businesses so often have to prioritise, do you see it working for others in your business sector? If not it might be better to just focus on some other marketing, but if it does then you should probably enter the fray.
I haven't used twitter so far to drive business. But yes the groups on Linkdin are a great source to find and target your niche. If people gets impress by your work, they might expect some good results.
Hi, Social media helps you to earn good traffic but you need to follow people related to your niche on different media sites like Google+. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln.