So you've sold your first logo.


Well i've just sold my first logo, first of many i hope.

The client is very happy with it, which made my day.

It may sound stupid, but what formats should be sent, and how.
Like if i send a jpeg, do i leave a background etc?


I'd appreciate some help from some of you logo masters out there.

Just a quick post, and I will post again hopefully when I am a little more awake.

Did you create it in a vector format? (Illustrator / Photoshop) you won't be able to have a transparent background on a jpg file. Generally, I would send over an eps along with jpg's... This will allow them to take their logo to a printer and have it resized by them and printed on marketing material etc.

Sizes, generally I would send over the largest size possible at a high res, then ask them for the sizes that they may require.

Do we get to see the logo? Let me know if you need anything else, and I am sure there are some more experienced print designers that might be able to help some more :)
Yes, it's all in vector format, wouldnt dream of doing a logo in photoshop!

I'm away from my computer so i only have the mock-up i previously uploaded.
I'll post the completed version later.

Thanks for the help.


No problem Kyle,

I assume that's the logo above... I like it. My only concern is that the wording could be a little bigger for that size of font. Just my thoughts though. :)

Take care,
As it is a simple logo without transparency or complex shading I would save it as an Illustrator EPS file. For maximum compatibility save it as a legacy version say Illustrator 8 (assuming you used Illustrator to create it of course).

Also I would supply 2 versions, one for spot colours (ie Pantone) and one for CMYK printing.

As well as that supply a RGB jpeg or PNG at a reasonable resolution for online reporoduction.

Hope this helps.