So that's it then.. making the leap into being a fully self employed designer!


Wellllllllllllllll that’s it then!

After much thinking, business planning, meeting with financial advisors and careful preparation I am leaving the safety of my in-house design job at Nu Urban Music ( Nu Urban Design - Portfolio ) to become a fully self employed designer from the beginning of September.

I have been working outside of my 9-5 for some time now and feel now is the right time to make that move. I am keeping my original employer on as a client, they were really understanding. Its all very scary but also exciting! I have a bunch of great jobs lined up so the work is there for me, at least for a while.

I run two other freelance businesses which is my music and media industry design work and which I have set up this year, I employ other web designers and developers to help out with the work when needed.

Anyone else made that leap? If so how is it going?

Im going to miss paid holidays.. but I am really looking forward to being able to fully manage my working schedule… and have a few cheeky lie-ins now and then!
I absolutely love being freelance! I fit work around my family and do what I want when I want! Plus I don't have to put fuel in my car and travel to work and if I want to work outside in the sunshine, I can!

The only downside for me is having to manage my own books and do the paperwork :icon_mad:
I may be going freelance soon - depends on things. . . I would miss having access to high quality printers, large format, and loads of other stuff!

But good luck!
Good to you, I am in the same situation. I work a full time job 9-5 and then work outside of that to build up a business. It seems to go fairly slowly when you do it that way. I wish I had the money to jump straight into a freelance position because if I had the opportunity I would for sure.

I just had the added part of a mortgage and everything that goes with it so I have to keep my 9-5. For the time being anyhow.

Keep us updated how things go, good luck.
Yeah same here.

It has taken over a year to make the move. I have spent about 5 years building a client base and reputation within the industry i work in. After a meeting with my current employer about retaining them as a client went well everything fell into place.

It actually works out much better financially for me and after doing a couple of test months where i worked out what my income would be had i been self employed I have taken the leap.

I think you have to leave nothing to chance.

I will keep you updated. I am officially self employed from 1st Sept.
Thats really nice to hear that your keeping your old employer on as a client, i always wonder if i could continue doing work for the place i work now if i was to make that leap, if i could, i could dothat leap sooner rather than later!

Good on ya, best of luck xx
First time for a while on this site.

Well here is an update.

Been working my arse off. Lots of 11 + hour days. I work from a room n my house and barely get the sun on my face Monday to Friday.

Recently things have got so busy that I am teaming up with another design friend and we are going into business.

Here are some tips I have learnt that may be of help:

1. Be organised with admin. Record all outgoings and income. Be anal about this. Once you start loosing it it is a real headache.

2. Be disciplined, not only with when you work but with when you dont. Do not answer emails at weekends! Once that flood gate opens its hard to shut.

3. Keep your chin up. When work appears to dry up, use that window to promote your site and go for a new market. Before you know it the work will come in again. stay positive.

4. Dont work for free. Make sure you get 50% upfront and dont hand over any final files until you get paid. Make this clear from the start

5. Seek business advice, accountant, etc. You are running a business and as a designer probably didnt got to business school or accountancy college, get some expert advice where you can.

6. Team up with other designers where you can. Dont isolate yourself too much.

7. When making the leap to being self employed dont make it a leap of faith. Make sure you have a client base lined up, website with good portfolio and a marketing strategy. Do not assume a mailout or leaflet drop will get you work on its on.

I could think of more but these were quite big things for me to get my head round.

I hope this helps other people contemplating the move to being self employed. I have found thye experience very rewarding.

It took me a long time (and a big push) to make the jump but I'd fight harder now to maintain my independence than I ever would have done to stay in a job. The only downside is that slight sense of unease you get on slow days or when taking time off.
Sounds like you've been doing well for yourself. I'd imagine starting a company at any time must be hard work but especially so during the current economic climate.

Just had a quick scan through you site, you've some nice work on there. It's looking good.
Sounds like you've been doing well for yourself. I'd imagine starting a company at any time must be hard work but especially so during the current economic climate.

Just had a quick scan through you site, you've some nice work on there. It's looking good.


They are two different sites (same designer - me!). Obviously two different client bases.