Snow Leopard and printing to pdf


Anyone else struggling with an upgrade to Snow Leopard and the ability to pdf properly in Adobe programmes? I am not even going to mention the problems I have with Quark 6 printing issues, I have given up on trying to use it in Snow Leopard and have resorted to doing the one magazine that has to be done in it on my old Powerbook in desperation.

I recently upgraded my system to Snow Leopard, but am still using CS3 (until I win the lottery...) and I can pdf via the .ps option and use distiller to get my print-ready pdfs, but I find it really quirky and one hell of a time-consuming mission, considering every single proof along the line has to go through this system too. My mac techy did warn me beforehand, so I didn't walk into this situation blindly but I am kicking myself now. Trying to print from Illustrator a few days ago almost drove me insane.

I am currently reading the Adobe forums and some blogs and the number of people reverting back to their old OS for the ease of their workflows is quite amazing - there are a lot of peed off designers out there.

Anyone else have an opinion about this? I feel like I went 10 steps forwards and 20 steps backwards.

This is one comment that I picked up along the way:

"If you have “classic” (meaning “old”) workflows, your best bet is sticking with older versions of the OS. Just realize that it’ll get harder and harder to maintain them as things move forward."
Snow Leopard is far too advanced for most of the software out there. I upgraded to Snow and also purchased a copy of CS4 with it. I have done tons of reading and the only apps that will officially work with Snow is CS4/CS5 and Quark 8. Everything else is a bit fly by wire.

As I have not used CS3 on Snow I cant verify your problems, but its not surprising. I have Quark 7 and it has almost been rendered useless with my upgrade to 10.6.3. I have also noticed that Adobe are no longer supporting CS3 and Snow. So you have certainly got challenges ahead.

I wish you well.
Not sure if this is any help, but I just recently bought a new mac pro with the latest snow leopard on it and CS4. When printing a pdf via acrobat it went to the print que and hung there due to errors. I had to download a 9.1 patch update, then you get a 'save as adobe pdf' option instead of the adobe printer - it works but sometimes still fails occassionally. Hopefully will be fixed in CS5

Acrobat 9 Save As Adobe PDF support in Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6)