Smoking - Cancer awareness.

Going through some of my files and came across a project that I completed for cancer awareness during the college days. I did collect over a thousand used fags which i then stuck to a board and left gaps to spell the word CANCER, Il try and find the picture.

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The letter above is a letter from the word Cigarettes, for each letter I put a fact underneath that began with the letter, I did this for each word spelling Cigarettes and then printed each letter on A4 size and then stuck them on the wall so it would spell Cigarettes. I will upload a picture of this tomorrow,
Nice work :)
Did people give you crazy looks when you were out and about collecting these fag ends?
The 'Fag' board is great. I really do think it's doing stuff like this, using materials, experimenting etc that makes designers different from your everyday Photoshop, Illustrator user that portrays themselves as designers. It opens up creative freedom and in my opinion makes you creatively diverse which overall is what employers look for.
I did go out once to get fags but it was pretty nasty..So i got family and friends to keep there fag ends for me and then at the end of the month i rounded them up.

I decided to create the fag board because i felt that posters, ink and paper wern't strong enough to get my message across. But the fag board worked, it looked dirty, it speaks for itself and it SMELT.

It smelt so badly that my lectures didnt bother to look at it and stuck it in the other room, I had a pretty crap grade...But at the end of the day I would rather stand out and have a crap grade than follow the crowd and have a good grade.

My lecture smoked..:icon_lol:
These look cool.

I did something like this at university, but it was focused on the environment. We had to produce some typographic layouts using some environmental facts and figures. I did something to do with rubbish and ended up getting my type layouts printed on vinyl, which I cut out and stuck to a load of big red Biffa Bins. - Only to watch the dustbin lorry come and empty them. I'll see if I can find pics.