Small record label seeking graphic designer


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Hi, my name is Tom Holmes

I'm looking for an enthusiastic graphic designer who can produce band album covers, logos and events flyers for competitive prices (affordable for unsigned bands). I run a website called Rocky Lane Records, that as well as functioning as a small Indie label is also designed to provide services to unsigned musicians.

You would be featured on the website, in exchange for a small commission fee on any orders made through the site. It's free advertising, the only cost for you would be the commission if you make a sale so it's a win-win offer. It's also non-exclusive so I obviously would not ask for a cut of sales you make through your own or any other website. I imagine this would be an ideal opportunity for a young talented part-time designer that may not have the business side of things sussed out quite yet but can produce work to a professional standard.[/FONT]

  • Your portfolio of band album covers, logos etc (link preferred to attachment)
  • Prices for an album cover and a logo (both discounted rate and standard rate)
  • (Optional) Your Qualifications or CV
The website will prominently feature discounts and "bundle deals" where you can buy recording & an album cover for example at a slightly reduced price.
Therefore I will need two prices from you, a standard rate and a discounted rate.
I am only looking to host one graphics designer, if I receive more than one response I will choose the designer who's work & rates best represents the target audience's requirements.
If you have any relevant qualifications, include them - they may make you appear more professional on the site so I will take them into account.

My site is under construction, you can see a (fairly barebones) preview at Rocky Lane Records


Hoping to hear back soon

Tom - Rocky Lane Records

Email me here: [email protected]
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Are you still looking for a graphic designer? I'd like some more information on the graphics and a rough comp of what aspects you'd like included in the design..
E-mail me at: [email protected]. I'd like to hear from you!
hi there RockyLane, i am a freelance graphic design/ illustrator, music is also one of my main passions and i have done design and artwork for various unsigned bands, i am very interested in this opportunity.

this is a link to my page with some of my work: Meg jones design and illustration | Facebook
and here is my email address if you would like to contact me directly: [email protected]

hope to hear back from you.