small piece of logo work offered


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Don't know if this is the appropriate forum but I'm sure someone can help.

I have a logo which I would like altered slightly, just a part of it in a different colour.

Then I'd like the two logos (original and altered) alternated in a tile effect, to produce a poster similar to the sponsors boards used at football grounds when players are interviewed after the game.

That's it. I know I should be able to do it Paint or something but I'm hopeless! I guess it'll only take a few minutes but I'm happy to pay a small fee for your time and skills.

Msg me if interested please :)
I'm sure we could help.
Do you have the original logo in a vector format or would you need it to be recreated?

Drop me a pm or email me at [email protected] with your exact requirements and what files you can supply and i'll price you up in the morning!