Small book publishing company website {Web Designers}

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We are looking for a web designer to design a basic but professional 5 page website, for a small book publishing company.

We would very much like to hear from you with your Quotes.

As a new company starting up, we are on a tight budget, so we are not looking for anything too spectacular, something basic will do just fine, as long as it looks the part.

If it would help, we can have a template designed for you to use. If this is a viable option, could you please let us know how that will affect your price.

Thank you.
Hey, are you looking for just the design, or a developer as well?

Hi, yes sorry I shouldn't of used the word 'design.' We need a developer to do the coding etc. We need it built and up and running. If your quote includes the design as well then great.
Thank you all for your offers, we no longer require anymore quotes as we have decided on the way we are going to go about this brief. Mods feel free to close this thread.

Thanks :)
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