Small b Business Card Critique


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Hi all.

Another design from me, the guy already had a logo but wanted a business card drawn up, one landscape and one portrait.

I've kept it simple, let me know what you think, feel free to tell me where it could be improved.


looks a bit tired and bland.

Maybe add a little more of the blue thats in this logo to brighten it up?

On the other hand, I like the simplicity
I actually do like the simplicity of this and prefer the portrait version. the white space works well.

You could tweak it and add visual bits of interest, but I think if you get this printed onto a quality bit of card then it could be real nice.
Cheers Chris. I've made some tweaks he requested, adjusting the actual text a little. Two versions here, I know which one I prefer.

EDIT: Cheers Pixels, I'm quite happy with it. Then again, it was so easy to do, just let the white space do the work :). The client prefers the landscape version so I've gone with that.


I'd probably line up Outsourcing Solutions to the width of Small b but that's just my style. Otherwise I like it. Maybe make the b slightly smaller than the word Small...