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Hi guys,

New to the UK, and this forum!

I am looking to get some slimline business cards printed (90mm x 40mm), preferably on a stock similar to the image attached (or see

The cards are super simple, single colour text only (black) on front and back and only looking at quantities of 250 or so for now.

If anyone can let me know who would be the best printers for this job it would be appreciated.

I wouldn't mind getting a quote to have the cards letter-pressed down the track as well so if anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere that could do that it would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Nick,

Those look like American size cards to me, but that should make no difference.

You will find most of the UK companies offering digital print will only provide a standard size (85mm x 55mm) However I would recommend that you find a digital printer who will provide you with a bespoke service. You could try contacting a company called bd3, click here to link to their website.

Otherwise your best bet is to go to a Litho print company, who will print business cards to your specification and not to a pre-ordained template. This is a more expensive route, but you do tend to get more vibrant colour reproduction and an overall better quality finish.

The Litho printer I deal with is a trade printer, so you are probably better doing a search here or on UKBF to find a recommended printer who will deal with clients directly.

I hope all of that waffle helps you out in some way. Good luck.
Thanks for that Angie,

After getting a few quotes from UK printers, it is still going to work out alot cheaper (and I mean half the price) to continue dealing with my printers back in Australia and have the printwork sent over here. I will continue getting quotes from UK printers for future jobs, but it just seems that due to my already established relationships with my printers back home I can get much better deals.

Thanks for your help,

250 x Business Cards
90mm x 40mm
Full Colour
From artwork supplied by you
Delivery included to one uk address