Skype use it or not?


Do you use skype as part of your business communications ?

I'm just wondering how people feel about using skype within there business communications. Do you find it professional enough or not?

I've noticed a few companies using this inc PayPal who's staff inc there skype username in their email signatures.

What do use think?
We use Skype a lot. It has some useful features including screen share and conference calls. It is also useful for dealing with clients where their premises is a bit far away.
Ive only just started using it again and find it brilliant to be honest. I mainly use it for clients in Australia and USA. The screen share option has been a time saver!
Skype is awesome for business, and you should definitely be using it. Face to face meetings are always the most productive, so you want to be getting as much of that face time with clients as you can.
During my first year in business I was convinced that I could do the whole designer thing remotely, and just sit at my computer and find work- which I did manage. The downside was, that there was a lot of miscommunication between email, and since I found myself with a whole batch of clients based in America, Thailand and New Zealand, I couldn't just meet up for a coffee to sort stuff out. This was when Skype (-and FaceTime) really proved their worth and saved the day. Now I offer my Skype address out to all my clients, even if they're just down the road so they can have a chat whenever they need (plus it puts me off going to work dressed like a hobo).

One thing I would say, is get a decent webcam with mic- even if the clients video is crappy, it'll make you look a lot more professional when you're coming through crystal clear.