SkinConsortium cPro Skin Designs


Although not explicitly a competition, we are giving away money for designs, not a lot but its the taking part and a chance to get your skin design downloaded at by thousands of people.

Over at Skin Consortium we have a call to design for creating designs to go into our cPro plugin for Winamp, we will also accept a design going into Xion and possibly our new and upcoming Flex engine (again for winamp)

For those not familiar with cPro - ClassicPro - It is a way to skin modern Winamp skins using the old Winamp method of skinning, ie preset layout for where buttons are placed etc..

Our cPro plugin has surpassed 1 million downloads and has a fantastic skin base so far.

If designing a skin for Winamp put you off in the past due to lack of coding knowledge then our cPro engine is ideal for you.

You can also check out existing skins at SUI Skins - Customize Winamp Media Player
There are also numerous skins at DeviantArt

If anyone has any questions then don't hesitate to ask me!
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This is money to give away not a competition, plus you will get exposure, our cPro plugin has over a million userbase.
Plus you get to show off your skills ;)
Hmm, one of the higher page views in this section yet no takers?
This kind of offer is still going @ SC, we have more if people want it.

Here's whats on offer:-
  • You get to design a Winamp Skin easily
  • You get a release page on our news page - hundreds of thousands of eyeballs!
  • You get it on skins section with possibly hundreds of thousands of downloads & eyeballs!
  • You get some money and above kudos for it (your name in the credits)!

Get yerself signed up to SkinConsortium and apply for the Skin jobs that are going :)