Site redesign



I've created a visual for a website and wondered if you could offer any comments on the design? I have attached a visual. The area with the chart will use jQuery to slide through options for finding the required service.

Thanks in advance


Hi Rachel,

In my honest opinion it's currently looking very squashed together... I would suggest spacing out the text a little. Perhaps try some line-height on the overall text on the design.

Again, this may be more of a personal preference but I think the logo is lost over on the right hand side of the header, I didn't realise what the company was called until I looked to the right so perhaps try the logo on the left, try a lighter shade there also and remove the drop shadow as it seems to make the logo look a little blurred. (Although this could be down to the jpg).

Is it me or is the site designed for an 800x600 screen? If it is, it would be a good idea to build it to a maximum of 980 which will give you the extra space that you need to create the less cluttered feel.

If I find anything else, I will surely post some more comments.

I hope you take these as constructive comments and not a picking fest.



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Hi, i like that design, only thing i would add to it maybe size like jonathan said and also some page breaker in the middle text area so it stands out to the user :)