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It's long overdue but we have finally got round to giving our website ( a complete overhaul.

Everything from the visual design, code and content has been updated. The blog section now runs on a Wordpress installation with a custom theme designed by our in-house web guy to fit in seamlessly to the rest of the site.

Now obviously when changing a site so dramatically there is always going to be some little things we may have missed, so we would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you notice any errors or just some feedback on what you think of the new site?

*It should be mentioned that the new site has actually been up for a few weeks now, but it has been really hectic in the studio so we have not got round to actually telling people about it :icon_tongue_smilie:
Really like it - though I'm not wild about moving pictures on websites - Blog tab didn't seem to work but that could have been me! But it's stylish, clean and easy to navigate.

Noticed a few typos - just by glancing through. On services page: SEO lefthand side "it's" should be "its" (possessive its not it is) and again in Pay per Click, In Direct Reponse 'practiced' should be 'practised' (verb not a noun - we haven't moved across the pond yet!) and on Happy Clients page the briefcase seems to be covering the end of the word 'innovative'.
Nice & clean.....a couple of constructive comments:

The green is....very green - almost luminous on my screen & a little jarring on the eye.

I find the main menu a little hard to read - it doesn't naturally lead my eye across it...I think its because of the // & use of caps. Normally with a menu, you should kind of know what each link is without having to concentrate on each word....or maybe there's too many links in the menu?

The layout is good though - I do like that.
Nice site!

I'd be interested to know how your search engine ranking has changed due to the site re-design?
Did you prepare in any way?
Thanks for all the comments guys! It is very much appreciated so thanks for taking the time to respond.

@Katedesign: Thanks for letting us know about the typo's and hopfully they have now all been fixed as well as that overlapping picture issue!

@Logopro: Our SEO has not suffered that much as the old site was all .html pages compared to our new site being .php pages. So all we did was make sure to put re-direct scripts on to all the old .html pages that appeared on google search results which has resulted in a very small drop in our site visits and is now back to normal after about 2 or 3 weeks. The only thing that has not yet returned is our page rank but that is not a major issue.

@keith115: Some of the content was on the old site but a lot of it is new so it has been a pretty big job getting it all sorted
@Logopro: The only thing that has not yet returned is our page rank but that is not a major issue.

Your right, if you had page rank before but your content hasn't really changed then it'll be back in time :icon_smile:

Did you use 301 redirects?
I'm just asking because LogoPro is due an update and i'm figuring out the least invasive way of doing so
Did you use 301 redirects?
I'm just asking because LogoPro is due an update and i'm figuring out the least invasive way of doing so

Yes were on a Linux Server so redirected via the .htaccess file seeings as were redirecting from .html links to .php links.
I think it depends on how much business you get each month from SEO. Obviously if it's your main source then you need to be really careful when changing things. That's one of the reasons we decided to change things in Jan/Feb as that is notoriously a quite time for us, so we would not be losing much traffic whatever happened and now our potential clients have come out of hibernation we are seeing the benefits :icon_thumbup:
Thanks for the info :)

as December is our most quiet month I feel as though we should probably wait as peak season is just round the corner :icon_rolleyes:
Just a side note and sorry I don't have the time right now to comment on the design but you could potentially use htaccess to re-write all php files as html files. I did this on a previous clients site to get around the pagerank issue when migrating the site to a CMS. So everything had the same filename yet behind that was the php.

Just an idea really as an option for the future.

I did briefly take a look at the site and agree with a previous comment about the navigation not standing out enough. I did miss it the first time I looked at the site, however generally I like the look and feel that you have gone for. If I get a little more time, I will try and give some more views.

Cheers and keep up the good work :)
Your very welcome, I noticed you have been making some tweaks to the site already so I just wanted to say that it's coming together very nicely.