Site feedback

Hi there,

I think the website is a great idea in principal. A couple of small things;

- Text does not fit the boxes, for example USB Power Tap appears as "SB Power Tap"
- Text is white, so on any item where the picture is mainly white (such as the "language cards") it isn't possible to read them (in this case it's "nguage car")

And now one big thing;

- There's no "shuffle" button, at least not when I view it. I get all the categories at the top of the page, the price slider and the "male/female/kids" buttons but then it just shows a "saved searches" bar with the default items underneath... where is the shuffle button? It should slap the visitor on the face rather than be obscured or hard to find.
From the title of your link I'd say take a look at your search engine optimisation. There are some repeating words there which might cause problems. Also, your steps tab, is there some other way to present that information a bit better? I'd perhaps consider not using the tabbed menu and display it as a single item, because I'm not sure the tabbed menu is needed for single sentences, it just gives more work to the user. For example something like the steps on this website's footer instead:
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I think the idea is great and the website works pretty well but the design doesn't really do it justice I'm afraid. It looks like a mismatch of design ideas at the moment and is not coherent at all. Now you have the idea and the functionality I'd go back to the drawing board with the branding and make it much, much better. Then apply it to the website.

Perhaps even consider hiring one of the good folks here to help you.