Site elements jumping to the left in IE7


I've been making a site but have come across a problem that only seems to exist in IE7.
When you click in a form file or hover over a link it causes some of the elements to "jump" a few pixels to the left!
You can see what I mean at this link (View using IE7):
I'm used the 960 grid system to build the site, but have used it plenty of time before and have never encountered this problem before and really can't figure out what's causing it! :icon_confused:
Ok thanks, for looking though. I've discovered it was due to the “Layout” IE/Win proprietary concept that determines how elements draw and bound their content. I found that by removing "position: relative;" from the element that it fixed the jumping issue so I might of fixed it before you viewed the page.
IE also does a great thing where it works out padding in a different way to all other browsers and that can have a similar effect. You feel like putting up a page at the start saying "If you're still using IE, WHY? Go away and come back when you've downloaded a proper browser."
Double margin float bug in IE6 is my particular favourite. Battled with that many times. I've given up with IE6 now and am pretty close to the same with IE7.