Single Page Website


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Hi All,

I have just completed my first single page website design. I have built this website from scratch without using any templates. I have used jQuery, HTML 5 video, CSS3 and fullPage.js.

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Please let me know what you think.
Hi Jay, I would like to say good job!
Not all developers are designers.

However you could change the opacity of the logo to solid white and experiment with the size. Not to mention retina support for high-resolution displays.

Liking the case study page but why is the logo hiding?

And pleasant typography.


Could this website design work for an agency?
hey, ive seen similar designs before.

the biggest drawback for me is the "loading" time / screen. can you get the site to load asymmetrically so that the first slide loads instantly and then the rest download in the background?

will negate loading times at the start which loses alot of visitors and increases the user friendliness of site as a whole as due to everything being segmented and background loading wherever the user goes it loads in an instant!

if you need to know how let me know and will provide a how 2