Signs you're a bad designer

I think I disagree to some extent or other with more than half.

Possibly because it was written 5 years ago? Hard to be relevant and accurate with an article that is so old now. Personally I'd agree with most of it still really. I remember reading this when it was first written!

Gettin' old...

I think that many of points in that list don't make you a bad designer, as they have their place within typography.

For example the double line space (see what I've just done there) between paragraphs. Using them is perfectly acceptable, in fact if you didn't use them, long passages of text would become difficult to read. It's actually a lack of attention to detail that's the problem.
^ Quite: anything can be designed badly but loads of the things on the list are fine so long as they're used for the right reasons.
What about the fact that its really boring to read... surely that's bad? maybe it needs more double spaces or some boxes
I think I make 4 or 5 of these 'mistakes'. Wouldn't call myself a bad designer though, sorry.